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Santa Barbara 
Oil and Cold Wax Workshop 

May 29 - June 1st, 2024

A four-day painting workshop with Andrea Wedell, at Peak Ranch Winery in the gorgeous Santa Rita Hills


Oil and Cold Wax Workshop : Abstract and Semi-Abstract Composition
May 29 - June 1st

Four days to spend in a magical setting,  drawing inspiration from the beauty of the surroundings, enjoying rare foucsed time to just paint,  sharing with like-minded creatives learning a host of techniques to master your oil and cold wax paintings

Oil and wax medium has become very popular because of it’s ability to extend and add body to oil paint, it’s ability to speed up drying time, increase transparency and workability. It also doesn’t require any special set up or ventilation, and allows you to build up very exciting textural effects and layers.


This course is for beginners through intermediate students (though advanced students are welcome too). I am used to running multi-level workshops that serve everyone’s needs and goals.


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Specifically this workshop will cover:


CWM/Oil how to’s: proportions, solvents, mediums, surfaces to use

Tools and how to use them effectively: Brayers, silicone tools, brushes, palette knives

Techniques covered:

Foundational layers for optimal results

Techniques and decision making through the rest of your layers:

Texture imprints

Using RF pigment sticks

Dry pigment and how to use it safely

Adding collage

Dry mark making and mark making in general

Glazing and veils of color

Composition guidelines to help you when you get stuck

Color theory and color mixing to take some of the guess work out of what to choose next


What you’ll come away with

  • Confidence in how to best work with the medium

  • An understanding of the process of working in CWM/Oil from start to finish

  • A stronger understanding of composition and color

  • An ability to avoid common pitfalls like muddy color, overly opaque surfaces

  • How to reference a photo and how to work with no source image

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Workshop is Limited to 10 participants.

What's Included

1 / Four days of Personalized Art Instruction

I will cover all techniques to build beautiful surfaces in oil and cold wax

Individual instruction and composition problem solving

2 / Some Art supplies

All Painting Surfaces

Cold Wax Medium

Solvents: Gamsol and Citrasolve

R&F pigment sticks to use during the workshop

Skewers to dig into surfaces

String to create interesting marks

What's Not Included

1 / Lodging, Food, Transportation

The closest hotels and air bb's to the Vineyard are in the town of Buelton

We'll order lunch daily for delivery at the Vineyard - count on a $15 to $25 budget depending on how you like to eat

I'll try to help out and coordinate pick up to and from the Vineyard to the best of my abilities but this is not a formal service 

2 / All Art Supplies BESIDES surfaces and cold wax medium

See Full List below - the things highlighted in yellow are the essentials you'll need

The Program

May 29 11 to 5pm

May 30 10 to 4:30

May 31 10 to 4:30

June 1st 10 to 2pm 

Andrea will lead morning technique and composition demonstrations, there will be a break for lunch with time to rest and an afternoon painting session with individual instruction. At the end of the day we'll do a general feedback and have a glass of wine if you'd like :) :


We will be exploring these aspects of painting in this fascinating medium:

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I want to reserve my spot

To reserve your place in this workshop, please complete the form below. To firmly book your spot, you'll pay a 30% non refundable deposit of $383. 

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Supply list
Basic Supplies you will Need to Bring 

Basic Supplies you will need to bring One to two Speedball rubber brayers silicone bowl scraper or any rubber spatula tool, One to two palette knives One to two paint brushes Gloves Artist Tape Shop towels Palette Paper or a roll of wax freezer paper Mark-making tools – can be dry pastel, pencils, pan pastels, Any interesting textures you’d like to press into your cold wax (bubble wrap, rough textured paper, stencils, string) Tissue paper Anything you can use to dig into your surfaces (I’ll have skewers for you) Wax paper for transfer techniques and also very handy to transport your work back home Paint Bring whatever oil paint you already have but be sure to include a mix of opaque and transparent colors, titanium white. Look on the back of the paint tube and it’ll tell you if it’s transparent or opaque and/or ask at your local art store Also to include: Titanium white, and the primary colors Suggested colors: Titanium White Zinc White Ivory Black Cadmium Yellow Light Ultramarine Blue Cadmium OrangeAlizarin Crimson Permanent Green Light (or Viridian) Dioxazine Purple Cadmium Red Medium Transparent colors *INDIAN YELLOW *ALIZARIN CRIMSON *QUINACRIDONE Red*ULTRAMARINE BLUE *PTHALO GREEN/BLUE *SAP GREEN*PTHALO BLUE *Quinacridone Magenta

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