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Fundamentals of Abstract Composition

Andrea Wedell, an acclaimed abstract artist trained in France and currently based out of Sonoma, California, is your personal art instructor in this comprehensive, on-demand painting course.


Perfect for newcomers and experienced artists alike, this 8-module course (plus extras) offers step-by-step guidance on abstract painting composition and techniques.

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Fundamentals of Abstract Composition

In this 130-minute video series Andrea provides nuanced instruction on how to approach, consider, and experiment with your painting. She offers tips to get "unstuck," demonstrates use of various materials and techniques, and even provides fundamentals such as color theory, balance, and value. You'll come away from this course with newfound confidence and consistency in your abstract art.

Best of all, the course has no expiration date — so you can move through the lessons at your own pace and revisit them as often as you'd like.


In addition to the course modules, Andrea also provides 88 minutes of demonstrations, plus 16 downloadable PDFs.

Featured topics:

  • Where to capture inspiration

  • Making marks and lines that look alive

  • See the world in shapes

  • Understanding color value

  • Color mixing and color theory

  • Creating textured surfaces

  • Composing all of the elements together

  • Working with/without reference images

  • How to get unstuck

Ready to enroll? Coupon Code: thanksgiving for $100 off through November 29


Gina Quinlan, United States

Excellent ! This is by far the best online art course! Andrea is an excellent presenter and generously shares everything about her process with painting techniques that were developed throughout her long artistic career in California and France. My own work is much stronger as a result. Andrea unveils every aspect of color, shape and compositional balance and as a viewer I see the world through an enlightened lens.
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