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Abstracting Landscapes: Capturing the Essence of a place

Many artists explore landscapes as a theme in our paintings and abstracting landscape in particular, It's a satisfying challenge to figure out how capture the essence of a place to reflect how you felt there, laying down your impressions. Maybe you're working from a photo, or revisiting a memory by working intuitively. Oil and Cold wax seems to lend itself very well to this process, I find that adding a lot to my base layers and focusing earlier on in my process on stronger composition choices and less half hazard guessing gets me to an end result faster. This painting was done in three layers for example. It's an intuitive memory of how I felt under some beautiful richly textured cliffs in the South of France this summer. Just sent the painting off to it's new owner 🥳

In the Vlog, i'll show you the first layered work I did for this and what building in contrasts from the get go looks like.

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