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Learn Painting Techniques with Andrea Wedell

Andrea Wedell offers virtual painting classes to a growing community of artists and creators.


In addition to her background as an internationally recognized fine artist, Andrea has over 25 years of experience as an educator.

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8 modules Designed to help you dramatically improve your abstract compositions


Course Overview, Where to capture inspiration
Module One: make marks and lines that look alive
Module Two: Learn to see the world in Shapes
Module Three: It's all in the Value
Module Four: All about Color
Module Five: Textured surfaces
Module Six: Putting the Pieces together
​Module Seven: Developing two paintings, one with a loose reference to an image, one without any reference to anything

Module Eight: How to get unstuck and bonuses

Register Now

Enrollment for the next 4-part series of classes is now open. Classes meet weekly on Fridays from April 14- May5th. The price for the series is $285.

Admission fee for this series is $285


Thanks for registering! Check your inbox for further details.

Maureen, United States

“Andrea's warm and supportive coaching was the highlight of my experience in the recent series of classes. Her ability to help you identify and develop your vision of your work and advance to the next step of the journey is invaluable. I am a beginner and also learned soooo much from the critiques of the other members works.  The experience was well worth the commitment."
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