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Develop your skill in abstract painting

Andrea Wedell is an internationally recognized fine artist and educator based in Sonoma County, CA.

Andrea offers virtual art workshops and online painting courses to artists worldwide, as well as showcasing her own original artworks.

Painting Equipments
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Teaching Statement

Teaching is an essential part of my own art practice. As I help others expand on their skills, develop their eye, and express themselves, I too deepen my own expression. It's a circular, rewarding relationship. Generosity is central to my teaching, and I fully embrace the challenge of articulating abstract concepts to others with skill and precision.

Student Testimonials

"Andrea is respectful and encouraging to each student. She appreciates everyone's unique style and helps each student grow — in THEIR vision. This is not a cookie cutter class where you copy a teacher's technique."
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"I graduated with a Fine Arts Degree.  Andrea's classes taught me more in four sessions than I learned from my four years in college. Her classes dive into harmonious color theory, balanced composition, paint attributes, and creative design tools."
"I appreciated the comradery that developed with my fellow students in the class. Their accomplishments were exciting and inspired me to keep reaching."

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