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Critique Groups for ongoing motivation, learning and skill mastery 

If you have taken a workshop from me before, online or in person, you can now join a small critique group to continue learning from others in groups much like you experienced in class.  

Critique groups will include one live, recorded two hour meeting per month, participation in a private facebook group to receive feedback from me and the others in your group 


I'll be offering constructive, practical feedback on your work in a group virtual setting for ten past workshop participants maximum so everyone gets the help they need/


Cost per Critique Group: $50 per month

Andrea is an incredibly knowledgeable and embracing artist and instructor!  She works with each artist at their level and fully understands their goals. The instruction is, thus, truly personalized, and she is a mentor who will take each and every artist to the next stage. I say the word "artist," because Andrea recognized this in us, and her critiques were respectful, uplifting, and extremely insightful.  She has a magic eye and can really cut right to issues in a painting that can improve it considerably. Andrea fostered a community of mutual support and kind critique—and unadulterated fun!--among all of us.  I am signing on for an ongoing critique camp and will also take advantage of a few individual sessions.  Truly an amazing mentor recommended for serious aspiring, emerging, and professional artists alike!

D'Anne Gastorf Weber

Sign up for a Critique Group

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Group critiques are right for you if...


  • You like the motivation and accountability of an ongoing group to produce work

  • You've enjoyed learning from others through critiques

  • You like the camaraderie and ongoing support of a group

  • You can see your composition doesn’t work but you don’t know why. You guess at fixes and aren’t confident in your problem solving skills. 

  • You find yourself wasting a lot of paint trying to fix paintings that wind up looking opaque.

  • Your colors sometimes look muddy or dull.

  • Your painting has an amateur look and feel and you want to bring more sophistication to it.

  • Your painting rarely turns out the way you envisioned it would when you started.

  • When you get stuck on a composition you often cover it up completely with a coat of paint either in frustration or because you don’t know how to fix or work with what is there

  • You’re tired of wasting supplies 

  • When things don’t go well, you get into a power struggle with your painting, feel frustrated with it and either abandon it for months at a time, or drag yourself down telling yourself you’re no good. 

  • Sometimes your work comes out great, but it’s usually a happy accident.

  • You’d like to be able to work in a series to prepare to show your work but find it hard to stick to one theme or style and rely on your skills to do it.

  • You spend hours trying things out after watching videos online, but it never quite addresses everything you’re trying to learn. 

  • You’ve taken online self-paced courses but you want expert eyes on your work so it turns out the way you envisioned it would when you started. 

  • You want to show or sell your work but are shy about it or don’t know who to approach or how.

How to participate in a group Critique

Choose the date that works best for you

Start posting images of your work

Join the Private Facebook Group for your Group

Be prepared with your questions and goals when we meet over Zoom. Sessions are recorded for you.

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