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Abstracting Landscape in Oil and Cold Wax


Abstracting Landscape
in Oil and Cold Wax

This is a three hour pre-recorded zoom class,  broken down into 16 lessons  that are easy to follow and learn with. It also includes downloadable PDF's to further support your learning ! 

If you’ve always wondered how to create abstract landscapes and capture the essence of a place in your own unique style, this course is for you.


If you’ve always wanted to develop more skill using oil and cold wax, this course is definitely for you

Featured topics:

  • Techniques to create landscapes in oil and cold wax in just a few layers. You don’t need to add layers and layers of paint to get the magic to happen

  • How to choose compelling source images and work at abstracting them

  • Your landscape style along with the most effective techniques to create what you love

  • Foundational layers for the best landscape results

  • Second and third layer techniques to build up fascinating surfaces

  • Excavation techniques to remove layers and work with what you find

  • Composition guides to know what you’re looking at and how to problem solve

  • Color: do’s and don’ts along with a lesson on applying veils of color to add subtle changes or unify your surfaces and get beautiful jewel like color.

Marilyn Thompson

“As an oil painter I have never used cold wax. I found Andrea Wedell's  course Abstracting Landscape in Oil and Cold Wax to be very informative. I have worked with oil paints for years but I never used cold wax. In this course, Andrea educates you on the basics and guides you through the process. I have gone back through the course several times to make sure I did not miss a thing. I highly recommend this short course for annyone that is a beginner or experienced painter."
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